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Adaptive Brain Lab

You are invited to attend the next in the series of  Cambridge Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Workshops on “Neurocomputation: from brains to machines”. This workshop is being hosted by Professor Zoe Kourtzi and is being run in association with the Big Data Strategic Research Initiative.
The event is now open for registration and is FREE to attend but places will be limited (please enter N/A when prompted for grant code).
This local workshop will be held on 25th November 2015 in Cambridge (13:30-17:30 followed by drinks and networking, McCrum Lecture theatre, Corpus Christi College). The aim of the workshop will be to foster interactions between investigators in Cambridge, distributed across University Departments and MRC Research Institutes and advance our understanding of how biological and artificial systems solve sensory motor challenges. We will bring together speakers who work on the problems of recognition and action from diverse perspectives: cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging, computer vision and robotics. The goal is to encourage dialogue using a common language of computational techniques that allow us to extract informative signals from rich biological data and design artificial systems with practical applications. The workshop will be an opportunity to bring these Cambridge investigators together to discuss and contrast distinct and common aims and challenges of their work.
The format of the workshop will be an afternoon of about eight short talks by PIs or senior postdocs from Cambridge, with possibilities for poster presentations, and plenty of formal and informal time for discussion over refreshments. Register now to ensure a place.

Latest news

New paper in Nature Human Behaviour!

15 January 2019

A new publication by Dr. Vasilis Karlaftis, Joseph Giorgio, Dr. Andrew Welchman and Professor Zoe Kourtzi combines behavioural modelling with functional and structural brain connectivity and shows that individuals learn the structure of variable environments by employing alternate decision strategies that engage distinct brain networks:

New paper in e-Neuro!

9 January 2019

A new publication by Dr. Vasilis Karlaftis, Dr. Andrew Welchman and Professor Zoe Kourtzi answers how we extract meaningful structure and make predictions in novel environments.

New papers in eLife and Nature Communications reveal the role of GABAergic inhibition in visual perceptual learning

9 January 2019

We are delighted to announce two new publications from our lab on the role of GABAergic inhibition in visual perceptual learning. We have used multi-modal human brain imaging (MR Spectroscopy, task fMRI, resting state fMRI) to investigate changes in the concentration of the neurotransmitter GABA during training across decision-making circuits.