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Adaptive Brain Lab


ABC’s vision was an integrated approach to the problem of brain plasticity, pooling the efforts of international research leaders to provide a training environment built on the purposeful synthesis of interdisciplinary methods.

This delivered a cohort of young researchers experienced in transcending traditional research boundaries to deliver deeper insight into brain plasticity. 

Further, ABC’s approach of cementing interactions between sectors into the training programme means that our fellows gained the skills necessary to move between sectors and can maximise the translation of their findings for human health and wellbeing. 

ABC delivered a comprehensive training programme covering task-specific research skills, generic research skills and transferable skills. 

Each fellow's training was structured around a tailor-made career development plan designed to maximize the potential of each fellow.

Training was delivered using a number of different modalities.

Within each partner, local training focused on delivering a hands-on research project within the framework of a PhD degree. 

​Cross-network training was delivered through subject specific workshops and advanced training courses as well as opportunities for visits and secondments from partners in the network and outside involvement from both industry and academia. Additional training was provided electronically through e-learning resources and virtual seminars.