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Adaptive Brain Lab




Early Detection of Neurodegenerative diseases (EDoN) is an ambitious project spearheaded by Alzheimer’s Research UK to develop an innovative approach to detect diseases like Alzheimer’s years before the symptoms of dementia start.

EDoN brings together global experts in data science, digital technology and neurodegeneration to develop a digital tool for the early detection of diseases that cause dementia.

EDoN aim's to collect huge amounts of digital data generously donated by research study volunteers using smartphone apps and wearable devices, like watches and headbands. By linking the data to clinical tests, such as brain scans, we aim to identify digital data patterns, or 'fingerprints', that allow us to detect the earliest signs of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Ultimately, EDoN will develop and test a digital device that can pick up these ‘fingerprints’ in people who don’t have any obvious symptoms of dementia. This could transform research efforts, helping scientists make faster breakthroughs in understanding the diseases that cause dementia and enabling them to test potential new preventions and treatments.


For further information please visit EDoN website.