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Adaptive Brain Lab



My research focuses on imaging the neural processes in the human brain that mediate complex, adaptive cognitive functions and behaviour. The aim of my work is to understand the neural processes that mediate complex cognitive functions (i.e. object categorization, recognition, perceptual decisions) and their experience-based and developmental neural plasticity.
In particular, we combine multimodal brain imaging methods (structural and functional MRI, EEG, MEG), established behavioural paradigms from cognitive psychology and state-of-the art mathematical algorithms to understand the link between brain structure, neural function and behaviour. The development of these multidisciplinary and advanced tools has direct applications for translational research in ageing and neurological disorders with potential impact for the prevention and treatment of nervous system disorders.
Within this framework research in my lab spans diverse areas in neuroscience: visual brain imaging, learning and plasticity, cognitive development of the intact and impaired brain across the lifespan from infancy to ageing.

Zoe is a fellow at Downing College.

Zoe is an Alan Turing Fellow.

Principal Investigator
Not available for consultancy


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