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Adaptive Brain Lab



Following my Electrical and Computer Engineering degree, I joined the Adaptive Brain Lab in 2013 as a PhD student of Peterhouse college. In my PhD, I was part of the Marie Curie PRISM network and investigated structural and functional brain plasticity in statistical learning. I received my PhD in February 2018 and I am now a postdoctoral researcher in the lab. I investigate the brain dynamics involved in visual adaptation using state-of-the-art dynamic connectivity analysis during rest and task

Outside the lab I enjoy playing and watching football, as well as cycling around Cambridgeshire.


During my PhD, I studied the role of basal ganglia in the brain and more specifically the involvement of the corticostriatal loops in statistical learning. I employed diffusion tensor imaging to measure structural connectivity, resting-state fMRI to measure functional connectivity and behavioural modelling to describe individual differences in learning strategies. In addition, I employed graph theory analysis in conjunction with partial least squares regression to combine multimodal imaging data and predict individual differences in behaviour.

In my postdoctoral work, I investigate functional connectivity changes during sensory adaptation as a marker of short-term plasticity. In particular, I employ dynamic functional connectivity analysis in conjunction with temporal graphs to capture how information flows during adaptation from primary visual areas (V1) to the rest of the brain.

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Key publications: 

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Not available for consultancy