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Adaptive Brain Lab





I graduated with a BSc in computer science from the University of Manchester in 2013. Following this, I spent a couple of years simulating financial crises at Goldman Sachs, followed by a few more building new retail banks at the fintech startup Thought Machine.

In 2017, I started an MPhil in deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) at the Computer Lab at the University of Cambridge. My thesis involved training deep neural networks to detect language-learner errors, specifically by learning to use prior knowledge captured by large-scale neural language models trained on general-purpose corpora. Most recently I've been working as a Research Scientist at Credit Kudos, developing deep learning models for consumer credit risk.

In October 2018, I joined the Adaptive Brain Lab as a PhD student on a 4-year course with the BBSRC.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy canoeing, good pubs, and exploring Cambridge's entrepreneurial scene.

Sam is a member of Queens' College and is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Doctoral Training Partnership).


From my background in machine learning, I'm generally interested in how humans learn to perform many tasks so effectively even with only limited experience, and the role of inductive bias and priors in driving this ability. I'm looking to use neural networks to model and explain both behavioural and imaging data.

Not available for consultancy