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Adaptive Brain Lab



After completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I went on to do an honours degree specializing in human vision and cognition at the Australian National University, working with Mark Edwards on determining the limits of simultaneous motion processing. I continued to investigate aspects human vision and cognition during my PhD, by exploring the costs associated with processing information in parallel. I joined the Adaptive Brain Lab in November of 2015 as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Currently, I’m employing brain stimulation, imaging and behavioural techniques to investigate robust cue integration of depth cues in the human brain.

Outside the lab I enjoy cycling, travelling, and socializing.


My research interests include perception, attention and memory. My current work focuses on the application of transcranial stimulation and measurement of neurotransmitter concentrations within the visual cortex to study neural mechanisms of cue integration and depth perception.

Read more about Seeing through conflict: when and when not to integrate cues.

Not available for consultancy