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Adaptive Brain Lab



I got my bachelor’s degree from Peking University, majoring in psychology and economics. Then I worked with Prof. Sheng Li on learning-induced brain plasticity in perception, decision-making and working memory systems. In October 2017, I joined the Adaptive Brain Lab as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, and will be using high-field imaging to understand the neural mechanism of perceptual learning.

Outside the lab, I enjoy reading, playing football and the game of Go.


My research interests mainly lie in learning-induced plasticity in our brain. My current projects focus on using high-field imaging to investigate the plastic changes in multiple layers of our sensory cortex after training.

Read more about Ultra-high field imaging of perceptual learning and human brain plasticity


Key publications: 

Gong, M. #, Jia, K. #, & Li, S. (2017). Perceptual competition promotes suppression of reward salience in behavioral selection and neural representation. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(26): 6242-6252. (# co-first author)

Not available for consultancy