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Adaptive Brain Lab



I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where I specialised in Physics. I completed my Part III project at the Adaptive Brain Lab where I applied generalised matrix learning vector quantisation methods to structural MRI, genetic biomarkers and cognitive test data in an attempt to improve population scalable prediction models of early stage Alzheimer’s disease.

This experience encouraged me to join the lab full time in October 2018 as a PhD student with the BBSRC DTP and AstraZeneca.
Outside of the lab I try my luck at quite a few sports, and spend too much time thinking about how I can bowl a cricket ball faster.
Jan is a student at Downing College.

Jan is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Doctoral Training Partnership).


I am interested in applying artificial intelligence to neuroimaging (and other biological) data in a way which uses state of the art machine learning techniques on large, longitudinal data sets while retaining maximum interpretability, predictive power and clinical application. I am currently using generative adversarial networks to explore links between different neuroimaging techniques.

PhD Student
Not available for consultancy