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Adaptive Brain Lab


I completed my undergraduate degree in microelectronic engineering and a masters specialising in radiocommunications at Cantabria University (Spain). Following this, I obtained a pre-doctoral grant to perform research on intracranial pressure in the associated university hospital while I was working as a part-time lecturer in the Engineering School. I moved to the UK to undertake my PhD at Warwick Manufacturing Group working with Professor Christopher James in brain computer interfaces.  

As a post-doc I worked at Cambridge University with Dr Vicky Leong in the Baby-Linc lab using mother-infant dual EEG recordings (hyperscanning) and at Cubric (Cardiff University) with Professor Penny Lewis in sleep and memory consolidation.  

I joined the Adaptative Brain Lab in June 2021 to work on EEG, brain connectivity and machine learning

Research Fellow
Not available for consultancy