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Adaptive Brain Lab


I received my Medical Degree from Università Statale di Milano (Italy) in 2015 and then took a gap year for medical volunteering in South America. In 2017 I moved to Pisa to work as a research assistant at the Department of Translational Research on New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery (University of Pisa, Italy), under the project ECSPLAIN, to study the neural mechanisms of human visual cortical plasticity.

In November 2018 I started my PhD in Neuroscience at University of Florence under the supervision of Prof. Maria Concetta Morrone. My work employed psychophysical techniques, brain imaging (fMRI) and EEG to investigate the mechanisms of visual neuroplasticity, their inter-individual variability, and how they can be modulated in healthy humans by metabolic variables. I joined the Adaptive Brain Lab in August 2021 as a visiting student.

Outside the lab, I enjoy cycling, climbing, and gardening.

Visiting Student
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