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Dr Elizabeth Michael Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow

Dr Elizabeth Michael, Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow

Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow


Following my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Physiology, I continued for a MSc in Neuroscience and DPhil in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. For my DPhil, I worked with Christopher Summerfield on dissociating sources of uncertainty that influence perceptual decisions, using fMRI, EEG and behavioural methods [1,2]. I joined the Adaptive Brain Lab in September 2015 as a Post-doctoral Research Associate, and will be working with Andrew Welchman on understanding how the brain forms judgements about the position of objects in depth.

Outside of the lab I enjoy making things. 

Research Interests

Broadly, my research interests lie in understanding efficient forms of information representation for perception and perceptual choice and how this might change with time and experience. My current projects focus on using EEG to investigate how the neural circuits for depth perception adapt in response to challenging perceptual input.

Key Publications

[1] Michael E, de Gardelle V & Summerfield C (2015) 'Unreliable evidence: 2 sources of uncertainty during perceptual choice.' Cereb Cortex 24(4) 937-47
[2] Michael E, de Gardelle V & Summerfield C (2014) 'Priming by the variability of visual information.' PNAS 111(21) 7873-8