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Research into Ageing: Categorical Decisions in the Ageing Human Brain.

We aim to develop new tools for cognitive ageing research by combining methods from mathematics, computer science, psychology, and neuroscience. In particular, we will combine advanced mathematical approaches (i.e. machine learning) for the analysis of biological data (behavioural performance, functional brain activations) with multimodal brain imaging techniques (structural MR, functional MRI, EEG) and behavioural methods. This integration of advanced measurement and analysis methods will allow us to develop new sensitive tools for studying the variability of cognitive ageing across individuals from rapid decline to sustained high levels of performance. Our methods and findings will provide new insights in understanding life-long learning and cortical plasticity and will be potentially useful for early diagnosis and intervention in normal and pathological ageing.

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BRAINfest: 23-25 June 2017

Jun 15, 2017

The Adaptive Brain Lab are very excited to be taking part in the University of Cambridge's first ever BRAINfest. This exciting public engagement event aims to give the general public a chance to learn and ask questions about Neuroscience first-hand from researchers at the forefront of the field.

ABL at the Cambridge Science Festival 2017

Jun 13, 2017

This March saw the return of the Cambridge Science Festival, a city wide event which showcases the variety of new and exciting science going on across Cambridge. The Adaptive Brain Lab took part, spending the day presenting our work alongside other labs from the psychology department.

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