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Lifelong learning and cortical plasticity in the human brain.

In our everyday interactions we encounter a plethora of novel situations in different social contexts that require prompt decisions for successful actions. Extracting the key information from the highly complex input of the natural world, integrating information into coherent evidence, and deciding how to interpret it is a computationally challenging task that is far from understood. The goal of the proposed collaboration is to advance our understanding of the neural basis of learning for efficient decisions in complex, novel and uncertain environments by bringing together interdisciplinary expertise in advanced computational, behavioural and brain imaging methods.

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“Neurocomputation: from brains to machines” 25th November 2015, Corpus Christi College

Nov 09, 2015

You are invited to attend the next in the series of Cambridge Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Workshops on “Neurocomputation: from brains to machines”. This workshop is being hosted by Professor Zoe Kourtzi and is being run in association with the Big Data Strategic Research Initiative.

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