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Learning to predict.

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Previous experience is thought to facilitate our ability to extract spatiotemporal regularities from cluttered scenes. However, little is known about how we exploit this knowledge of visual statistics to predict future events. Here we use an integrated interdisciplinary approach to investigate the computational and neural mechanisms that mediate predictive learning; that is, our ability to learn about structured sequences of events in the environment and use this information to predict upcoming events. We employ computational algorithms (Markov models) to design hierarchical temporal sequences of increasing complexity (from simple repetitive to complex combinatorial patterns) that resemble probabilistic structures that are typical in the environment (e.g. in language, navigation). Our work aims to: (1) characterize the learning principles and strategies how we extract hierarchical temporal structures, (2) identify the brain mechanisms that mediate our ability to translate this previous knowledge to predictions about future events (3) understand individual variability in predictive learning ability and determine the corresponding brain markers. This work does not only provide novel insights in understanding the link between neural plasticity and adaptive behaviours, but has potential practical implications for the design of education and rehabilitation training programmes for life-long learning in healthy development and disease.

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BRAINfest: 23-25 June 2017

Jun 15, 2017

The Adaptive Brain Lab are very excited to be taking part in the University of Cambridge's first ever BRAINfest. This exciting public engagement event aims to give the general public a chance to learn and ask questions about Neuroscience first-hand from researchers at the forefront of the field.

ABL at the Cambridge Science Festival 2017

Jun 13, 2017

This March saw the return of the Cambridge Science Festival, a city wide event which showcases the variety of new and exciting science going on across Cambridge. The Adaptive Brain Lab took part, spending the day presenting our work alongside other labs from the psychology department.

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